20 January 2009

Chelsea IQ Testing: Lampsy's One Smart Cookie

So it seems that Chelsea FC have instituted an IQ test before every season. It have something to do with footballers and head injuries leading to dementia later in life. Anywho, it seems that Frank Lampard scored ridiculously high, and I don't mean just for a footballer. Yeah and JT's pretty smart too.

“John Terry was in the top three,” says Dr English [Dr Bryan English, Chelsea's club dotor]. “But Frank Lampard scored one of the highest set of marks ever recorded by the company doing the tests, and higher than me.”

Smart guys are wicked hot. Of course, if helps to look like those two.

pictures via jamd


Lissette said...

WE GOT BRAINS LOL. How U doing Blair

Anonymous said...

chelsea are best.there well smart