08 January 2009

Birthday Wishes: January 8th

Adrian Mutu (30) of Romania, plays for Fiorentina

David Silva (23) of Spain, plays for Valencia

John Utaka (26) of Nigeria, plays for Portsmouth

Seol Ki-Hyeon (30) of South Korea, plays for Fulham

Stipe Pletikosa (30) of Croatia, plays for CSK Moscow



Ah Mutu!

Anonymous said...

mutu is ok. still I always ejoy funny pictures with soccer players as seen on jugsi.com. hilarious, what can I say

Misty Stiletto said...

Mutu is 30? Oh crap, that's my age limit :o( I thought he was a young whipper snapper still (not saying that 30 is at all old, just personally too old for me to be doing rude things with.)