16 January 2009

Coleen’s Jewelry Collection: The Irony

Yes, Argos is, I’m sure, not the best place to release a jewelry collection. But what I find ironic is that the girl who NEVER actually wears jewelry is releasing a collection of things that she’s probably never going to wear. I looked through scads of google images and maybe found one of Coleen Rooney wearing a necklace or bracelet, besides the three wedding bands that she never takes off.

Frankly, I find her designs to be childish. I particular enjoy the one with the peace sign in a heart shape... call up every tween with bad style and tell them to get down to Argos ASAP! If she doesn't find success at Argos, perhaps she could strike a deal with Claire's.

pictures via google images and kickette


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Ha the whole Wayne ad Colleen thing is a joke...He's cheated on her on numerous occasions. I know this for a fact!!

Anonymous said...

Coleens Jewelrry looks lovleyy ,
The watchss aree GawjursSss