09 January 2009

WAG Alert: Shopping IS an Addiction

I know I suffer from the same problem, and I have some major issues seeing that I'm basically broke. (Reminder: Must see how much mullah I can make from placing ads on this here blog.)

Claire Merry was shopping for some tiny pieces of fabric lingerie. She must be getting over Thierry quite quickly and easily. You go girl.

Alex Gerrard...seriously? You better hope that Stevie doesn't get imprisoned or you gonna be dead broke girl. That ridiculous column you write in whatever trash magazine you write for (if it's not Vogue or Elle, you can't ACTUALLY be considered a REAL fashion columnist, sorry) is not going to sustain your current habit.

And by the way, we have a memory. That outfit is circa December 2nd, 2008. You don't fool me. (I hated the bag combo then too.)

pictures via dailymail and kickette

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