19 October 2009

USA Beat Costa Rica

Actually is was a draw, but it felt like a win because we had already qualified for the World Cup, and now Costa Rica faces Uruguay in a playoff match. Too bad.

I would like to send my best to Charlie Davies and his family. The next year is going to be difficult, but you are strong and will persevere. (But I'd also like to point out the one pillock who's holding a six.)

Jozy Altidore is very close with him and they room together on international duty.

pictures via google images


Elisha Cho said...

haha actually they drew with costa rica

Cindy said...

all the very best Charlie! and to the US! let's do big things boys!

Anonymous said...

Feels good to see you say "we qualified" I almost forget youre an american when reading your blog :P

Melissa said...

haha, i honestly thought you were an english transplant!!!

I was there for that game, and it was amaaaaaazing. I wish I could blow up that photo of the 9s so i can see if I'm in it!!!