11 April 2010

Liverpool's New '10-'11 Home Kits

They just don't look right without Carlsberg. Makes me sad.

For some reason they let some random bird model the new kit. Oh wait, nope. Just Fernando Torres. (The fact that he makes a prettier girl than I'll ever be is just disturbing. So incredibly disturbing.)

There's a behind-the-scenes video of the photo shoot as well. Gerrard says the darndest things...

pictures via dailymail and Kickette

1 comment:

alicebynight said...

I don't like the lack of Carlsberg either...and Nando looks super thin in the cheeks.

On the other hand, Stevie mentioned tight, shirt, and gym in one sentence. I don't understand his problem with the 'tight' but hey, I'm all for a work out sesh =P