29 April 2010

The Lampard-Bleakley "Relationship" Blossoms

They now don't mind being seen together leaving a restaurant after having dinner.

Frank no longer covers his face when in a vehicle with her. (That one hurts me the most.)

But now they're having coffee and breakfast together after seeing eachother the night before. I mean, that's just excessive. No one wants to see that much of someone unless they love them. Wait, no. I refuse to accept this. Nevermind.

(Hello to Frank's tongue!)

Also, what self-respecting woman wears a black bra under a white tank top? Seriously. (One that puts out super early in a relationship, that's who.)

Frank gave the paps some bitchy side eye. Thoroughly enjoyable.

pictures via dailymail, The Sun and contactmusic.com

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