19 November 2007

Disappearing Act

I miss Frank Lampard's thighs. I understand he probably has to wear the spandex because of his recent thigh injury, but when they made their appearences, it could make my day and maybe even my weekend. I don't know how much longer I can go on.

BEFORE: (in all their glory)

AFTER: (hidden from those who seek a peek)

It's a recent trend in football, and I must say one I do not approve of. Without thighs and bulges, what do I have to look farward to on gameday? Bring back the thighs, and lose the spandex, I SAY! I'm making a proclamation to the FA and maybe even FIFA. We'll see how far it goes.


Anonymous said...

Totally co-signing.

I say we start a letter-writing campaign or something. Bring back Lampsy's thighs!

Anonymous said...

Well written article.