03 December 2008

Man City Ask Casillas to Join Them

iker casillas man city

The new Premier League big spenders, Manchester City have made an attempt to coax Real Madrid and Spain goalkeeper, Iker Casillas, to come to northern England. Not surprisingly, he said he wouldn't leave the two-time La Liga champions for a club that is barely keeping themselves in the middle of the Premier League table. I must admit that I think the Manchester City owners are leaning towards delusional in attmepting to get Casillas out of Spain.

They offered him £128million, which would come to an annual salary of £11million and a weekly pull of £230,000. That would make him the highest paid player in the world. Don't get me wrong, I think he's worth it, but Manchester City are in major denial if they think they can get him to come to the club with just money in mind. Needless to say, Iker and his agent rejected the bid and now Man City won't even have an opportunity to seek a formal bid with Real Madrid. Wishful thinking though guys.

Link: City Fail with Casillas Bid


No name brand said...

Seriously, why?! Well, they can always hope, right? If hoping gets you Casillas like it did Robinho, then good on ya.

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Misty Stiletto said...

It's a shame Man City are turning into one of those clubs that think money can get you anything. Players like Iker have Real Madrid running through their blood, hell he prob wears Real Madrid undies. You can tempt them with money.

On the other hand, it would have been nice to know he was in the same country as me - even if it is still 500 miles away.