03 December 2008

Birthday Wishes: The Train and El Guaje

michael essien bday

Michael Essien turns 26 today. He's looking to return from his nasty knee injury sometime in January all thanks to his mum. She's visiting from Ghana to take care of him while he's down and out. He is enjoying her cooking immensely. There's nothing like a mum's TLC to get a footballer back on his feet.

david villa bday

David Villa is 27 today. The Valencia player is looking to move in January, and seeing that Valencia are approaching bankruptcy they are looking eager to offload the Spanish striker. Chelsea and Manchester City are leading the pack, even though Chelsea have made multiple statements in regards to them NOT buying in the January transfer window. Interesting? I sure would love to see him come to the Bridge, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

pictures via dailymail and google images

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