02 December 2008

Some Seriously Superstitious Ballers

jt superstitiousmark superstitious

John Terry and Mark Schwarzer have serious shin guard issues. JT had the same pair of shin guards until they were stolen at a Champions League match at the Nou Camp against Barcelona. For the next match, the Carling Cup Final against Liverpool, he borrowed a pair from his vice captain, Frank Lampard. They won, and he continues to wear Lampsy’s pair until this very day. How cute is that? JT wins for the biggest oddball award because he also has these varying superstions:

1. Always having the same seat on the team bus.
2. Tying tape round his socks three times.
3. Cutting tubular grip for his shin-pads the same size every game.
4. Listening to the same Usher CD in his car ahead of a game.
5. Parking in the same space in Chelsea's underground car park at Stamford Bridge before every game.

Mark Schwarzer has had the same pair of shin guards since his debut in the Australian National Soccer League for the Marconi Stallions when he was 19 years old. He’s 36 now. Let me do the math for you. Yes, those shin guards are a whopping 17 years old. I bet they smell just lovely. Not so much.

cron superstitiousadrian mutu superstitious

Cristiano Ronaldo gets his hair cut at the same barbershop in Wilmslow, Cheshire the day before every match. This behavior all resulted from him scoring his first goal for the club after getting his first haircut from this barbershop. With all the hairstyles I’ve seen him in, I think it might be time to invest in a new barber, or move to Madrid and get a new one.

Adrian Mutu, former Chelsea player and cocaine-snorter, wears his underwear inside-out to fend off bad luck. He obviously forgot to do that when he had to go to court. By the way, you still owe Chelsea £13 million. Pay up wan**r!

Link: Sportsmail's Guide to the Most Superstitious Sportsmen in the World

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Misty Stiletto said...

How weird are footballers?? And quite disgusting, Mark Schwartzer must stink. Eugh!!

How does John Terry even make it onto the pitch in time with all these stupid superstitions.