01 December 2008

The Handball That Unites a Nation

cron handballcron handball 2

We're not idiots. You say you were just guarding that overly moisturized face of yours, but to any other set of eyes, that's a BLATANT handball in the penalty box. You aren't fooling anyone. The only thing you are doing is convincing all of us that you're a bigger idiot than we had originally expected. At this point your intelligence is approaching near the level of incomprehensible speech and poo flinging. (I mean, our expectations were very low to begin with.) Fess up that you tried to cheat and score a goal with your hands, only to have your plan foiled when you looked like a total and utter moron. Maybe your fans will forgive you.

Oh, and hold on to that Ballon D'Or if you get it. That's one ball that you actually can touch with your hands, ya pillock.

pictures via jamd


Misty Stiletto said...

He has totally set himself up for more abuse than ever by saying he heard a whistle. Now whenever he touches the ball there is going to thousands of whistles/klaxons going off.


Jackie said...

I don't quite understand what he was doing, but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.