02 December 2008

Crime Watch: Pennant and Santa Cruz Robbed

jermanie pennant robbed

There seems to be a serious problem for Liverpool players. Jermaine Pennant became the ninth Liverpool player in the past two years to be robbed. Some numnuts bashed their Landrover through his gate and bashed into his mansion in an attempt to break in. (I will take this time to insert a little physics lesson for future robbers: In the battle between the thin metal of a Landrover frame and a 2 foot think stone wall, who will escape unscathed? That’s right, the big thick wall.) Pennant apparently chased the robbers away by appearing in his jammies, waving a flashlight. The incinerated Landrover was found later around a pole containing bolt cutters in the back seat.

Link: Ram-Raid Gang Smash into Liverpool Star Jermaine Pennant's Mansion

giselle and roque santa cruz

While Roque Santa Cruz was with Blackburn playing away at Portsmouth, his wife, Giselle, was held at knifepoint and told to offload a large amount of expensive jewellery. It’s been reported that their children, Tobias (4) and Fiorella (3) witnessed the attack. No one was injured, but Giselle and the children are seriously shaken.

Link: Rovers Star's Wife in Raid Ordeal

pictures via dailymail and google images

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