02 January 2009

January Transfer Rumors: Annoying Rubbish

To my devoted readers and fans:

It's January 2nd and I'm sick of the bullshit rumors already. I won't tolerate it any longer.

As of today, it is my solemn oath, to not post ANY transfer rumors. Because everyone knows they are annoying and obnoxious loads of rubbish. (Like, Wayne Bridge for instance. LOAD...OF...RUBBISH.) I will, as a sophisticated football blogger, (yes I know I'm using that definition loosely, but give me some credit) promise to only post transfers as they are confirmed by both clubs involved. Trust me, it's better this way. (And you all won't hate me in a couple weeks when I've sent you into a transfer window induced coma of boredom, false information, and mundane updates.)

You're welcome.

Always yours,
Blair at MRWF

1 comment:

Misty Stiletto said...

Thank goodness, cos I hate transfer rumours too. Although thankfully there havn't been any about Xabi leaving yet :o)