05 January 2009

Chelsea v Southend: Resolutions and Hangovers

My New Year's resolution is to not get so worked up if Chelsea don't annihilate a team that's two leagues below them. (Or at least not consume a box of chocolates and down a half a bottle of cheap scotch again like Saturday.)

There should be rehab for football girls who are too emotionally attached to the game. Or maybe I'll substitute liquor and chocolate post-match wallowing with running or some type of physical manifestation of my anger. Kick-boxing perhaps. That way when I put on that summer bikini I won't have to cringe and throw on the accompanying men's swim trunks and baggy t-shirt.

Everyone lock up your scotch and dark chocolate truffles. Chelsea away to Manchester United on Sunday... maybe I should wait and start my resolution next week???

Oh bugger all. Who am I kidding?

pictures via jamd



Yeah, um, we're all drinking right through the weekend on the Kickette Chelsea Supporters Thread. No seriously. We started Saturday afternoon. Miracle I can type right now. . . I am so calling in sick at work next Monday.

Misty Stiletto said...

Good luck, Blair. Think you're gonna need it.

Next time LoveLamps, invite me. I may not be a Blue, but I sure can drink :o)

Steph...Stephanie...Stephie said...

Brilliant! I support Bolton so by nature, I should be consuming mass amount of chocolate and drinking lots and lots of tequila. Can I join this party?

And what was Lucas doing in Dubai?