27 May 2008

Women Faced with New Appreciation for England Training Gear

john terry pre-usasteven gerrard pre-usadavid beckahm pre-usa

If you haven’t seen them already, England encountered a bit of rain yesterday in training. How misfortunate; except for the ladies that is. Those white shorts when moist become a bit translucent. Who would have known!? I’m thinking perhaps there is a woman behind this oversight, or maybe not-so-oversight. Either way, these should be worn whenever rain is predicted on the same day as training, it’s a new rule.

John Terry, David Beckham, Joe Cole, David Bentley and Steven Gerrard were sporting these translucent shorts and I think we can all agree that there was more to see than usual. The audio/visual effect is lovely as well.

Alas, there are still a few footballers hooked on the new spandex under shorts craze that’s sweeping the nation. Frank, rid yourself of those constricting undergarments pronto. You look ridiculous.

bentley and beckham pre-usajoe cole pre-usaterry and beckham pre-usafrank lampard pre-usa

P.S. Congratulations John on getting the captain's armband for Wednesday evening!

Link: Sympathetic Capello Makes Terry England Captain


Anonymous said...

Go England!!!

Lets hope it rains tonight too!! It is where I am, but I'm a bit away from London. Gonna go do my rain dance, I want see through shorts!! Yes, I am a complete pervert.

MrsXabi - x

Anonymous said...