05 May 2008

Frank Lampard: Man in Black

No, I don’t mean Juventus.

frank kisses band

After spending time with his friends and family while grieving over his mother’s passing, Frank Lampard has returned and seems to be taking his emotional pains and converting them into pure footballing aspiration. Putting Chelsea into the Champions League Final and taking the Premier League title down to the final day of the season, Lampard and Co. have shown strength, character, and perseverance.

Not everyone will agree. There are still those cynics out there who can’t see the heroics in Frank scoring a penalty just days after his mother passed away of pneumonia. They deem this part of the job, part of being a professional. These detached individuals obviously don’t know the person Frank Lampard is, or what he represents to many fans of the game. And they also, obviously, don’t have a soul.

When he stepped up to that penalty spot and scored against Liverpool, it brought tears to my eyes. He was taking on a personal responsibility that most don’t enjoy on a normal day, but at this stage, and with so much personal turmoil, Frank was a courageous and statuesque figure on the penalty spot. (All while sending Reina the other way.) And when someone had asked him after the match, "What on earth were you thinking," Frank replied nonchalantly, "What do you mean? ... I always take the pens."

That’s what Frank represents to me; a standard, a staple, an individual beyond that of comprehensible classification.

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