26 May 2008

Frank Lampard Canoodles with Mystery Blonde

frank and mystery blonde

Adultery is not something that footballers can get away with, and yet they try and try to no avail. The latest to hit the chopping block is Frank Lampard. It was not so long ago that Mr. Lampard was spotted at a Las Vegas casino with a young lady exiting his private villa at the Wynn Hotel prior to Chelsea’s preseason last summer. The swords were drawn and Elen Rives removed her “commitment ring” before moving out to Essex, Surrey and telling Frank that there was to be no more London parties. But Frank was at it again this past week, hitting up Kitts Nightclub with his mates Thursday night after the Champions League defeat to Manchester United.

But even more recently Frank was spotted warming up to a mystery blonde at the Beauchamp pub. A hangover is not the only thing he had to deal with on this particular morning after. Elen was pictured, sans “commitment ring” once more, and packing their two girls, Luna and Isla, into their family 4x4 along with some luggage.

Is this the end of Frank and Elen? Has their three-year engagement with no wedding date in sight finally gotten the best of them? Has Elen’s fashion failures and embarrassing facial bruises become too embarrassing for Frank to handle? Or is it simply Elen is going to Spain with little ones so that they can see her side of the family?

Only time will tell.

P.S. Does anyone find it telling that he has 5 pints sitting in front of him at the bar? Pissed much?

frank and mystery blone 2frank at kitts nightclubelen rives no ring

Link: Frank Lampard Drowns his Sorrows with a Mystery Blonde

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not just five pints, they are huggggggge glasses. I need some of those!!

Elen looks quite normally dressed her too!! Shock, horror, not a sprinkle of glitter in sight!!

I'm not sure about this story. The pictures aren't too telling, she could just be a close friend or a fan. It only takes one akward angle and the papers will run away with it.

I'm curious as to what a split from Elen would do to Frank's career choices. Will he leave? Will he stay? Will he be able to stay away from his girls? If not, does that mean he'll be following Elen to whatever country she lives? So many questions, none of which I care too much about.

Gosh I am quite grumpy today!!

MrsXabi - x