20 May 2008

Footballers Are Idiots: Captain Anger Pays His Dues

We know he's used to wearing the classic black and white vertical stripes for Newcastle, but what about the black and white stripes of a prison uniform?

joey barton

Joey Barton is going to serve six months in prison after pleading guilty of assault and affray charges at his trial in March. Barton, 25, his brother Andrew, 19, and his cousin Nadine Wilson, 27, were all involved in a tussle on December 27th while out on the town in Liverpool following an evening with family and friends. The three individuals were captured on CCTV attacking, throwing food at, and verbally abusing an unidentified man and a 16-year-old boy.

It was reported that Barton had consumed 10 pints of lager and 5 bottles of lager prior to the incident. He admitted to having a drinking problem and for several weeks after his initial arrest he was admitted to the Tony Adams's Sporting Chance Clinic for his alcohol problems as part of his bail conditions.

Good luck mate. Don't drop your soap.

Link: Newcastle's Barton Jailed After Admitting Assault

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


Joey Bloody Barton!! What is wrong with you for f**k sake?? This man is a complete pillock!! I love him, but he just really doesn't seem to have a brain.

I am worried for he's safety, we have all seen he has a cute backside!! Will it be safe?? Me thinks not!

At least it's a baller who is finally getting what he deserves.

Good luck Joey. You may be needing it!!!

MrsXabi - x