12 May 2008

Footballers Are Idiots… Even Premier League Champions

Rio Ferdinand Couldn’t Get Into His Own Party

rio and rebecca

After winning the Premier League and attending their seasonal awards ceremony, the Manchester United lads had a party with their WAGs at the 235 Casino in Manchester. By requiring ID at the door, players secured that the stalking public, such as a few Kickettes I know, wouldn’t get anywhere near the fun, and some of their players as well. Rio Ferdinand, being the incredibly forgetful individual that he is (remember that drug test), left his ID at home, and it was 20 minutes before he and his girlfriend Rebecca were finally permitted to join the rest of the team in their celebrations. If this man can’t even organize a party, how can we expect him to organize the England International Squad, ay?

Besides that, all the girls looked lovely. (Coleen Mcloughlin, Lisa Carrick, and Leanne Brown especially.)

wayne and coleen

Link: Ferdinand Gets a Yellow Card

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Anonymous said...

All it took was twenty minutes? Not very tight with the security eh?! I reackon I could sweet talk my way into a party quicker than that!! Maybe not a United one, as I wouldn't have the passion to want to get in. But if I knew Xabi was at a party, trust me, I'd find a way in there, with or withour I.D ;o)

MrsXabi - x