05 May 2008

Slick or Ick: Michael Rensing

michael rensing

He's no Carlo Cudicini, but he's infinitely better than his Bayern Munich counterpart, Oliver Kahn.

Bio in Brief
Age: 23 (soon to be 24 on the 14th)
Nationality: German
Height: 188 cm. (6 ft. 2 inches)
Weight: 86 kg (189 lbs.)
Shoe Size: 46 (wonder what that means?)
Honours: 3 Bundesliga titles ('05, '06, 08') and 3 German Cups ('05, '06, 08')
Marital Status: Sorry ladies, he currently has a girlfriend named Melanie

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, dude is hot. I think size 46 is a size 10 in South Africa (where I'm from) and it's a 12 in USA...