15 May 2008

Cheryl Cole Resorts to Cuddling her Pooch

buster and cheryl

Rather than snuggling up with her untrustworthy husband, Cheryl Cole has turned to the most faithful man in her life, her Chihuahua Buster. After Girls Aloud performed in Brighton last night, Cheryl was reunited with her other companion, who got a ride on her lap from the show to her hotel. Nicola Roberts acted as chauffeur for the evening.

To editorialize for a moment… what an adorable little creature! I think I would probably choose him over Ashley any day. Yes his eyes are bit beady, but those ears are just plain precious! And I’m sure she has a purse somewhere that fits him in it just perfectly. (How emasculating for him.)

nicola, buster, cheryl

Link: With Ashley Still in the Doghouse, Cheryl Cole Turns to a Faithful Companion - Her Chihuahua


Anonymous said...

That dog is quite creepy!! Look at the way it's staring. It's making me feel guilty for something I'm not sure I've done!! (Yet anyway ;oP)

And, if I'd known they were performing in Brighton I would have tried to get tickets. I love me some Girls Allowed!! :o)

MrsXabi - x


How thin can she be! I think the dog is bigger than her!