13 May 2008

Nancy Dell’Olio Reaches Out to Nature

Nancy Dell'Olio

The ex of former England manager, Sven Goran Eriksson, Dell’Olio has had her fair share of disappoinments. Whoever sent her out in public in this travesty is yet another example of how she’s been let down. Attending the Glamour Awards in London's Berkeley Square, Dell’Olio was far from living up to the standards of said award show.

I think what’s missing are some gnomes, elves, pixies, and other woodland floor creatures? She should have had a midget as her date and dressed him as a gnome. That would have been FEROSH!

She needs a new stylist, or at least a friend or a mirror. Good luck next time.

Link: Nancy Dell'Olio's Bizarre Floral Dress Turns Heads at Awards Ceremony

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Anonymous said...

Its Horrible.

I tHink Your Blog Is Great And Ill Be Visiting I Alot More In The Future :)
Becca x (From Kickette)