08 May 2008

Footballers Are Idiots

CASE #1: There Are No More Parking Spaces Left in the Manchester

wayne rooney gets ticket

Wayne Rooney and Rio Ferdinand have both been caught parking illegally in Manchester over the past week. But Rooney came out on the luckier end of things when he spotted the warden lurking around his new £170,000 Bentley Turbo which was parked in a loading bay while he and Coleen did a bit of shopping. Being the person that Rooney is, he decided to have a bit of a moan over the possible £30 ticket. Unlike on the pitch, Rooney’s moaning actually acted to dissuade the warden from writing the ticket. Thank goodness because with his £60,000 a week salary how could he afford such a penalty! BOLLOCKS!

wayne and coleen shopping rio ferdinand gets ticket

Link: Rooney Goes Head to Head with Parking Warden

CASE #2: Ashley Cole Goes Clubbing Sans Wedding Band

cheryl and ashley out

Ashley Cole decided to have a boys night out with Chelsea teammates Shaun Wright-Phillips and John Obi Mikel while his wife Cheryl performed in Glasgow with Girls Aloud Wednesday night. Sans wedding ring of course. The boys enjoyed dancing and drinking at Chinawhite, of all places. I’m sure Cheryl must be thrilled.

Link: Ashley Cole Clubbing without His Wedding Ring

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