14 May 2008

Slick or Ick: The Clarke Brothers

These two lower leaguers look like they might have some hottie potential. According to teammates both have a real sense of humor, pulling gags on the lads all the time. Maybe if you’re in for a good laugh, check out this younger and much poorer version of the Neville brothers.

nathan clarketom clarke

Nathan’s Bio in Brief (upper left)
Age: 24
Nationality: English (born in Halifax)
Height: 185 cm. (6 ft. 1 inches)
Weight: 80.81 kg (178 lbs.)
Position: Defender
Honours: #43 on FourFourTwo’s list of 2006 Top 50 Football League Players
Marital Status: Unknown

Tom’s Bio in Brief (upper right)
Age: 20
Nationality: English (born in Halifax)
Height: 180 cm. (5 ft. 11 inches)
Weight: 77.18 kg (170 lbs.)
Position: Defender/Midfielder
Honours: Played for England U-18’s and U-19’s
Marital Status: Currently dating someone

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nathan looks pretty cute to me. I'm sure in a Liverpool shirt he would become 100 times more attractive! And he seems to be one of those men that would look better in person rather than photo.

Tom however I'm not feeling. Maybe it's just a bad picture, but he looks kinda strange!!

And I prefer taller guys :o)

They are also much better looking than the Neville brothers, by a mile in fact!!! But if they were born in Halifax, that also means they'll have quite annoying accents! Big turn off.

MrsXabi - x