09 July 2009

Elen Rives for GMTV

I must admit this wasn't at all expected. In her first episode she demonstrated the new cheerleading workout that's overtaking the city. (Somehow, I doubt that.) But in her more recent episode (which by now is a few weeks old) she was given the task of creating summer outfits for under £100.

I take a few issues though with this appointment:

1. When was the last time this woman was ever put on a budget? (Especially one below £100.)

2. I'm not a fan of her voice. I don't know how Frank did it for as long as he did.

3. Who let this woman on television to dictate the fashion of the season? (Yes, she's had some improvement as of late, but still, seriously?)

4. Why didn't I get the call to do the summer trends under £100. I mean, all you'd have to do is open my closet. No shopping necessary. (I don't mean to brag, but, ok so I kind of do.)

Well I guess she's got to pay the bills somehow, right?

pictures via The Sun

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