16 July 2009

David Bentley Punched in Face at Restaurant

While enjoying dinner quietly at Nolita Bar with his very preggers girlfriend, Kimberly Mills, and another couple, Mr. Bentley was clobbered in the face by a fellow restaurant patron. The 20-something male stood up from his table after he had finished dining and paying his bill, walked up to Bentley, punched him, then ran out of the restaurant. Bentley's friend chased the man, but ended up with a similar fate, a black eye and cuts on his face. The attacker apparently had a taxi waiting at the ready for a quick escape. Looks like David will be pressing charges against the attacker. The pre-meditated nature of the attack leads the officials to believe that this was an attack by Arsenal fans, Bentley's former club, in a reaction to his move to Arsenal rivals, Tottenham.

picture via zimbio

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

MR Bentley is a twunt.

if i was in that reaurant i would of more than punched him in the face.I would like to meet his "attacker" and buy him dinner.

Him and Ashley Cole have no class.