30 July 2009

AC Milan 1 - 2 Chelsea FC in Baltimore, MD

This game was amazing. And I'm saying this because I was there. Like there, there. The bestie and I drove down to Baltimore and saw the game then stayed overnight for a little holiday weekend. It was spectacular and an experience I will never forget. (By the way, I totally cried when they came out to warm-up. Don't judge me.)

So anywho, Drogba's goal was just plain magnificent. And the lads were excited to take a lead so early on.

JT did his normal pointing about behavior and yelling, while the new guy, Zirkhov, was exceptional.

After AC Milan's Seedorf scored before the end of the first half to even out the score, Zirkhov, in his debut for the club, scored on 69 minutes with a low shot after two saves from the Milan keeper. (It was infront of the Chelsea end and the fans went absolutely berserk.) Zirkov won Man of the Match and I went home a happy girl. (Have yet to watch the game to see if I got on the telly. Will update once I find out.)

Don't worry, he is.

pictures via The Sun and dailymail

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Cindy said...

i'm sure you meant Chelsea 2 - 1 AC Milan haha... was a great game to watch!