30 July 2009

Drama at Tottenham Hotspurs

Peter Crouch has arrived on the coattails of Harry Redknapp and I think he can make a good contribution to the squad. I'm curious to A.) see him and Robbie Keane play together and B.) be a fly on the wall in the locker room to hear what him and Robbie have to say about Liverpool. Hmmmmm...

In different news. Darren Bent help up the plane to Spurs' preseason trip in order to get off. Apparently his agent called and said a deal with Sunderland was still on the table and they he shouldn't leave. Now, there are more clubs that are interested.

Why the rubbish bags, Darren? Where's the Louis Vuitton luggage? You're so right. It's so much classier this way.

pictures via dailymail

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