23 July 2009

LA Galaxy Pick Fight with Beckham

On David's home return to the LA Galaxy, he discovered he wasn't going to get the warmest welcoming ever. Apparently the Galaxy fans feel slighted that he went on loan to AC Milan and missed half their season. (Even though David played spectacularly for the Galaxy since he's returned.)

David got a little irritated at one point and asked a fan to come speak with him before hitting the lockers at half. Obviously, security weren't big fans of this plan.

Victoria and the boys were at the match, along with Simon Fuller, David's bestie Tom Cruise, and Gary Barlow from Take That.

Maybe Romeo needed to be consoled because he didn't like the fans constantly booing and berating his dad.

Check out little Cruz's faux-hawk. It's just like his dad's.

Kate Beckinsale and her husband were also there, and bumped into David Williams of Little Britain fame.

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

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