09 July 2009

Wedding Bells: Pato and Sthefany

The groom wore white. Not necessarily a good choice...

The bride chose a Dolce & Gabbana gown. (Clad with lots of tool and frilly bits.)

Kaka and Caroline were present.

According to Kickette:

"Guests got into the ceremony using a digital microchip that was concealed in their invitations. Once they arrived at the Copacabana Palace for the reception, they were electronically identified by a video system that announced their name and invited them in. The invitations cost £40,000.

That is spectacular. Crazy expensive, yes, but utterly spectacular still.

Guests left with a pair of Havianas with "The" (for S'the'fany) and "Ale" (for Alexandre). Apparently these two have never been to a freaking pub.

can't remember where I got some of these, most are from Kickette

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