30 July 2009

WAGs Dining Together: Toni, Elen, and Abbey

They all went to Nobu in Berkeley, along with Abbey's mum. (Who looks totally fabu. We don't have to wonder where Abbey gets her good looks.) I wonder what they were celebrating? Abbey's recent engagement or perhaps Peter's impending Spurs deal. I'm sure Abbey is thrilled at the possibility of returning to London. They might even be celebrating Toni dying her hair a lovely shade of chocolate brown. Lovely, dahling!

Oh, and yes, Abbey's shirt is indeed see-through. Classy.

pictures via dailymail


Madeleine said...

Can we still call Elen Rives a wag since she is not with Frankie boy anymore?

Anonymous said...

No comments on Elen's disastrous outfit?
I mean, the eye-scorching orange playsuit is bad enough. But then the insult of the plunging neckline and monstrosity of the ruffles.