06 May 2009

The New Chelsea Kits: Undecided

I honestly can't make up my mind on these new kits. Usually I have some bitterness when it comes to introducing new kits. I wasn't looking forward to wearing this season's retro collared home blues, but now I've grown quite fond of them. When the pictures of the 09-10 kits were leaked, I was horrified. They looked like a bad attempt at Terminator armor or something. Perhaps I just need to give myself time to adjust to the new style. (Or rather see the lads in them, which will inevitably convince me that they're just fine. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear something that Frank and JT put on.) I'm finally going to get to see my Blues this summer, so in the end, I'm going to end up buying this one too (just like all the others).

pictures via Chelsea Megastore and The Spoiler

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