13 May 2009

Catching Up With Victoria Beckham

Here she is arriving at Heathrow in a fabulous black, white polka-dotted, satin trenchcoat with a Birkin bag hangbag and carry-on. To top it all over, she wore the token WAG over-sized sunglasses and Louboutin pumps. Loving this!

I find it hilarious that some of the big news of the weekend was this picture of Victoria without makeup and in workout clothes! THE WORLD IS ENDING! (Not really.)

Arriving back at LAX, she sported a black cardigan set and mini-skirt with high-ankle Louboutin boots and her over-sized shades again. (Not going to lie, those boots look a little silly. Pumps or a lower ankle boot would have been better suited. But that's just me.)

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

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