13 May 2009

Dealing with the Disappointment

I've had a week to try and cope with my emotional well-being after last week's last minute gasp and dispair. It's been a difficult process, but I think I'm at the point that I'm ready to write about it. Maybe.

After the match ended, I left work. There was no way I could be there and hold back the tears for 20 minutes, so I packed up and sat in the my car... bawling. I called my best friend and she talked me down a bit, but understood my pain. (She's a Chelsea fan as well. A product of my need to share my love of footie and my diligent work at teaching her all the rules and regulations.) But anywho, I've survived a week since my moment of sheer letdown and am looking to now discuss my grievances and opinions.

Firstly, Essien's goal was epic. I mean, if were to beat Barca it would be with a goal like that. He's been amazing since his return from injury and we wouldn't be where we are now without his hard work and persistence.

Petr Cech was phenomenal. John Terry, and the whole defense for that matter, were impenetrable. (Well besides that one moment, but I'm still in denial, alright.) Ashley Cole, one of the most hated footballers, was brilliant. (Messi? Messi who?)

Frank, I have to admit that these matches had you quieted. Perhaps it was the difficulty of the midfield opposition, but you caused them annoyance and I guess that was your duty. (Duty... hehehe.)

I can't imagine how quiet that locker room must have been after the match. Either that, or there was massive yelling and moaning. The behavior of some Chelsea players (i.e. Didier Drogba and Michael Ballack) had me despondent. But after the final whistle when Chelsea players sulked down the tunnel, one player was heading to the Barcelona dressing rooms. John Terry visited the Barcelona squad's quarters and shook every one of the player's and staff's hands and congratulated them on reaching the final, a courageous and difficult feat for that of a defeated captain. I think he showed real character and integrity. Contrary to some reports who would prefer if Chelsea were ejected from the Champion's League next season, I believe that if they are to eject us for our behavior than they should do the same for all other teams who protest to an official. Then again, I suppose there wouldn't be enough teams to compete if UEFA were to do so. Touche.

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Cindy said...

i hadn't read that about John Terry! that's supremely classy of him, and very nice to see! tough loss but a well fought game.