28 May 2009

Danielle Lloyd Almost Loses Leg in CLub "Attack"

The evening started out like any normal night at the clubs. Posing for the paparazzi and strutting about confidently.

But while inside, there was a bit of a fracas with two other lady club-goers. There aren't any real details. Some say Danielle was pushed on a glass table, others say she was obnoxiously drunk and dancing on the table when it broke. Either way, there was a lot of blood and nastiness.

Jamie was supposedly very peeved with the photo-taking of his blood-stained girlfriend.

The club shut down the entire VIP section, sending all VIPs to other clubs to seek some privacy.

Danielle got out of the hospital the next day, escorted by Jamie. She had a disgusting, seeping bandage on her leg.

I'm thinking, she'll be steering away from the club scene for awhile.

pictures via dailymail and holymoly.com

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