13 May 2009

Footballers Are Idiots: Ledley King Arrested for Assault

I particularly enjoy the rolling of the sleeves in preparation to brawl, while at the same time the losing of the pants. Hilarity I say.

But lets discuss fighting bouncers. They are generally hired as big, brawny, and intimidating types. Of course if you're ego is larger than yourself, you might get confused. (Although I'm sure a few lagers help to raise the ego even more.) Anywho, end result when brawling with bouncers = you in a headlock and eventually arrested. The moral of this little tale is don't get in fights with bouncers. They are there to kick YOUR ass. That's what they are getting paid for, so don't mess with them, kapeesh.

The word on the street is that Ledley was bawling hysterically while in a cell over night and also peed himself. (Classy.) I think I'd wear a beannie and glasses for a few days too. How embarrassing.

pictures via The Sun

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