13 May 2009

Arsenal v Chelsea Goalscorers and Heroes

First, Alex scored a beautiful header. He's been spectacular this season, on both ends of the pitch.

Anelka then scored a curving ball from distance against his old club.

Ashley Cole got some redemption for the constant booing that always emanates from the Emirates every time he touches the ball. When Ash crossed a ball into the penalty area, Kolo Toure cought it and rolled it past the keeper. Hilarity I tell you. (Arsenal, karma is a bitch.)

After Malouda had the ball stopped by the goalkeeper, Anelka cought the defection then hit it into the post, but Flo once again got the ball to finally put it in for number 4 of the match.

Petr Cech showed real compsure during the match and I was thoroughly impressed. Not that I'm not usually impressed by Cech's capabilities. But he seemed to by filled with confidence and showed it well.

pictures via dailymail and The Sun

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