06 May 2009

Arsenal v. Man United: Bellies, Bromance, Becks, and Bullshit

Bullshit? Perhaps, but not having him in the final leaves me feeling a little delighted. (Not going to lie.)

Bring on the bromance. Rio loves C-ron and his unbelievable free-kicking ability. Anderson was REALLY excited after the match and felt the need to jump Carrick. So much love, so little time.

Normally he doesn't do it for me, but he has a decent back and nice belly/ribs. (Hope I'm not coming down with the swine flu...)

Becks was at the match, along with Carlo Ancelotti and some other AC Milan players.

After the match, he went to the locker room to visit his bestie Gazza and his old teammate Giggsy. (Ryan was rocking the salt-and-pepper chest hair whilst munching on an energy bar.)

pictures via daylife and Kickette

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Cindy said...

i love every one of those pics. and Giggsy wow, who knew?