09 September 2008

Tuesday Tummy: Devon McTavish of D.C. United

devon mctavish tummy
Even though he’s an MLS player, this footballer has got some serious lady issues, and I don’t mean the philandering kind. Apparently McTavish is perpetually single. (Which I can’t believe.) But so much so, that he’s decided to go and do a radio show version of The Bachelor in the Washington, D.C. area. They've already picked the Top Ten Fianlists, but you can vote for the lady with which he should go on a date. Here’s a video of Devon doing a radio spot:

Perhaps he’s single because of his dodgy hat collection:
devon mctavish hat
Or his fiercely competitive foosball habit:
devon mctavish foosball
(stop picking on little kids)
devon mctavish competitive
I don't know about you, but I'd totally date him!
devon mctavish
Call me...LOL

Link: MIX 107.3 FM: The Bachelor

pictures via google images/behindthebadge.com/youtube

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Anonymous said...

Believe it! Have dated him. Cool buddy...terrible lover.