22 September 2008

Frank Lampard Red Carded For Intentional Handball

frank lampard at FB

Who knows if these rumors are true, but it does make for an interesting story. Apparently Frank had a little too much of a good time at the Funky Buddha last week after Chelsea's win over Bordeaux. He shared a secluded booth with his ex-teammate Jody Morris, some pals, and a couple of very short-skirted ladies. While the ladies sipped on wine, some souvenir photos were taken and Lampard obliged willingly. But probably after having too much to drink, the threesome enjoyed some playful cuddling. A clubbing onlooker described the scenario as so:

“Things seemed to get a bit flirty at one point as Frank put his arms around them. Their hands drifted down between his legs as they had a three-way cuddle, but he didn’t bat an eyelid. It was all in fun, though, and didn’t seem too saucy. But his missus might be peeved about girls running their mitts between his legs.”

Eventually Frank turned his smile to a dismissive frown when he realized photographers had caught the ladies with their hands near his penalty box. He left the club at 3 AM, not blushing, but with a suspicious orange hue. Perhaps he was rubbing his face too closely against those of his table party.

frank lampard at FB 2
pictures via lampardluvva at WagsInternational and The Sun, respectively
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