09 September 2008

Footballers Are Idiots: Dimitar and his Trainers

dimitar berbatov for united

Berbatov, after signing a £30.75 million deal with Manchester United last week, he decided that in order to celebrate he would blow £2,500 on 25 pairs of trainers at Selfridges in Manchester. Let me do the math for you. That’s £100 per pair of shoe and £50 per shoe. Ridiculous… waste… of… money. He has a boot deal with adidas. Does that not include free trainers as well? I would think so. Free shoes or £100/pair? That’s not a difficult decision if you ask me. Dumb schmuck.

Link: Ex-Spurs star Berbatov blows £2,500 on 25 pairs of trainers

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Jackie said...

I find this 'report' a bit difficult to believe. When did he have time between signing with United, and reporting to WCQ training with Bulgaria to traipse into Manchester city centre and buy a load of trainers?

And if it is true, it's really funny!! Maybe he didn't want adidas trainers as per his contract? Maybe he's more a Puma or Nike fan? Very funny.