23 September 2008

2010 World Cup Mascot Unveiled

Zakumi ("za" being an acronym for South Africa, and "kumi" meaning 10 in most languages of Africa) was unveiled on South African television yesterday. At least they put shorts on this one. But I take issue with his green hair. Every kid that goes to the World Cup is going to want to die their hair green. Mothers around the world will be totally and utterly humiliated for an entire summer. FIFA's excuse:

"Zakumi loves football. At one time he decided to dye his hair green as he felt it would be the perfect camouflage against the green of the football pitch; a bit like his rosette spots are when hunting in the wilderness!"

Cue visual of mascot leaping out and slide tackling Cristiano Ronaldo from the sidelines, sending CRon into a face first dive to the grass. I'm just now seeing the perks.
zakumi graphic 2
In conclusion, it's a definate upgrade from the pantless creature of 2006 and the scary A.D.D. twins of 2008. Zakumi is actually quite adorable in graphic form.

picture and story via The Offside

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It is an improvement, although really it would not take much to improve the last mascot.