08 September 2008

Monday Mmmmm: Piotr Trochowski

This German international was born in Poland (come on now, look at the name, DUH!) and plays for Hamburger SV in the Bundesliga. Unfortunately he has a WAG, but how do you say “not cute” in German? (Nicht nett! Thank you Babelfish.) He is 24 and is looking like a lovely specimen with those absolutely adorable dimples. Alas, he is only 5’6.5” and if I can’t wear heels with my footballer, then there’s really no point. Damn.


Link: Piotr Trochowski's Wikipedia Profile (doesn't mention his ugly girlfriend so maybe there's hope for those of you under 5'!)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


"nicht nett" means "not nice"
"not cute" must be something like "nicht hübsch/niedlich"...

But no matter what the right translation must be, you're right... But I could wear heels when I'm with him (yeah!)

Anonymous said...

I love him! and his brother too! I've met him when i went to germany, since his older brother is a foreign exchange student here from where i am. I am so ready for Piotr to come to USA