02 September 2008

Footballers Are Idiots: Robinho… FAIL!

Robinho FAIL
I’m going to rant here for a bit and I apologize ahead of time if I get foul mouthed and slightly pretentious.

What the f**k is Robinho thinking? I want to know his decision making process in choosing Manchester City over Chelsea. By chosing the larger paycheck over the more prestigious and successful club, he made it blatantly obvious that he would rather have the cash to spend than play in the Champions League, which is a REALLY unintelligent decision. Who would chose to play with Richard Dunne, Stephen Ireland, and Tal Ben Haim over Frank Lampard, John Terry, Didier Drogba, and the rest of the world renowned lineup at Chelsea? An idiot, that’s who.

Manchester City is also on my shit list. They are a conniving, underrated club. The new owners are thinking big, I see that, but to pounce on a player that Chelsea have been wooing for over a year is just wrong. It’s lacking tact. It looks like there’s a new rich club in the Premier League, and they’re acting like a bunch of over privileged assholes.

I feel so much better now that that’s all off my chest.

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Unknown said...

That was fab!!!

Anonymous said...

Blair I'm with u Girl, I was waiting For ROBITCHNHO and then look wat happen. I Hope he enjoys his money Because he will never get an opportunity like we gave him ManC Over Chelsea common.
Blair love your blog Girl, Keep IT UP,
I also have a relationship with football [ballers:)]