18 March 2010

Yoann Gourcuff's Week in Review

"Alright, everyone. Prepare yourselves. I'm going to smile. Try not to attack me and my beauty."

Then he flashed those pearly whites that would make any woman swoon. (And most men too.)

There's a new bromance in town. Yoann and Marouane Chamakh were getting close and cuddly during their match against Olympiakos.

After the match, Chamakh was quoted as saying:

"When [Gourcuff] manages to be in charge of the game, it feels good for everyone in the team. Everything he tried tonight was a success."

If that doesn't scream pent up sexual tension, I don't know what does.

Thumbs up, indeed.

pictures via daylife

1 comment:

Rosey said...

Chamcuff...that's the name of their bromance. Loves it! But I hear Chamakh might be going to Arsenal next season so their bromance might be broken up soon