04 March 2010

A Letter to Wayne Bridge

I realize that I probably won't win any fans with this one, but I feel as if it needs to be said.

Dear Wayne Bride:

As a result of your decision to remove yourself from England selection opportunities, I would like to bring up the following conclusions that you may not have realized as a result of your verdict.

You are a selfish pillock.

You have managed to put your personal vendetta ahead of the your nation and England football fans, alike. Not to say that England can’t win World Cup without you, but why wouldn’t you want to play in a WORLD CUP? It’s just absurd. And with Ashley Cole injured and struggling to get fit in time, you’d actually get to play! It was a massively selfish decision and you’ve thought about no one, but your ego.

I like you, I always have. (Mainly because you’re lips are serious competition for even Angelina Jolie.) I worry that this decision could result in career suicide. We’ve seen it before. Turning your back on your country is never a wise move, especially when that country is England.

You can’t runaway from your problems. Avoidance and denial never solves anything. (Although, personally, I am a fan.) Man up. Be courageous. We all have to work with people we don’t like. I think it’s part of the definition of a “job,” actually. I realize you’re a sensitive bloke, but boo-freakin’-who. Strap on those boots, pull up your socks, and get on with it.

Lastly, and perhaps most obviously, you’re a footballer. There is like a 99.9% chance that you’ve cheated too. Isn’t your anger directed at JT slightly hypocritical? I mean, you and Vanessa had broken up. Not that that warrants JT’s bad behavior, but you two weren’t even together at the time, so what’s your issue. Is there a man-code (or rather, boy-code) that I’m not aware of? Everyone hates JT right now, but he’s still playing for England. You were the victim here, but alas you’ve conceded the high ground. John Terry put his big boy pants on, respected the boos of fans, and faced the wrath of an entire nation. Something you couldn’t do.

Yours truly,


Lissette said...

Blair IO knew that I could trust u . U r one of the few sane people that have wrote abouts this.

Oh and I always check ur awesome blog. keep it up.

Elisha Cho said...

He said he took himself out of the team because he would split the dressing room which is probably true.

And there is most definitely a code, it's the Bro Code in fact. Terry is meant to ask Bridge if he can hit that, even if Bridge and she have broken up

sofa_queen said...

Couldn't agree more with this.
Everyone was asking why Chelsea fans were booing Wayne Bridge last Saturday, and my reason would have been, because I'm an England fan as well as a Chelsea fan and you're doing your country a disservice by being selfish. Nasty situation to be in, for everyone, but you need to man up.

Unknown said...

Doff my hat for you MRWF. I couldnt agree more. Finally I find someone who shares the same opinion. I mean who passes off the chance of playing in the World Cup over an issue like this.

Rogerio said...

Congrats on your post. You're 100% right. And also, he (Bridge) could've avoided all this by simply stepping up and saying "we broke up, she was single, free, I don't care. It's something Terry has to sort out with his wife". Isn't it?

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