29 March 2010

Wayne Bridge and Kim Kardashian Are Just Not So

There were a few rumours going around last week that whilst in Miami, Wayne Bridge got a little "freaky" with Kim Kardashian, the LA socialite and celebrity sex tape reality television star.

Some are saying her voluptuous bum won Reggie Bush the Super Bowl this year. But now that they've split, Kim apparently chatted up Bridgey in a nightclub.

But no worries, Kim posted on her twitter that she had no idea who Wayne Bridge actually was. So it just ain't so. Or is it...

pictures via Metro and Gossip Center

1 comment:

BigEddie said...

Okay, are we STILL talking about WAYNE BRIDGE?? I mean, he's not that hot (okay, my opinion), he's not that handsome, his tats are crap, the whole JT & Vanessa thing is over and definitely old news... and I suspect he's a cry baby. And when compared to JT (a dog, yes, but my personal Sex God) his cock is much smaller - you can just tell. Yawn. Wayne Bridge, maybe it's time to retire????