11 March 2010

Ashley Cole in France, Cheryl Visits Denmark

Ashley is in France getting physical therapy on his fractured ankle, which he suffered against Everton a couple weeks back. More importantly, he's not wearing his wedding band.

Whilst Ashley is away, Cheryl has been working hard. She was in Denmark performing on their version of The X-Factor.

Arriving in Denmark, she seemed almost scared of the attention she was getting.

She wore her normal Fight for this Love garb for her performance.

And during her interview she wore a Hervé Léger dress.

When leaving the land of the Danes, she acted peculiar, covering up her mouth with her scarf. I thought, at first, that she got some lip work done.

But it was later discovered that she has a cold sore. Nice.

pictures via dailymail, The Sun, and google images

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