15 March 2010

Manchester City Players Crash Miami

Wayne Bridge and Shaun Wright-Phillips cruised the streets of the Floridian city, while...

Micah Richards took to the beaches, shirtless.

Wayne enjoyed the attention from both the ladies, and the paparazzi. (What baffles me is that he was wearing a rosary during said flirtation and the drinking that proceeded. What's up with that?)

In what I presume to be a VIP spot, Wayne guzzled down some beverages, including some rose champagne.

He left the clubs in sunglasses... at night. (I couldn't resist.)

The next morning/afternoon when he emerged again from his hotel, there was breakfast to be eaten.

Is it just me, or does Wayne need some serious sun? Is he albino or something?

But the most controversial of his actions, is the lighting and consumption of a fag. You are an idiot to the umpteenth power.

Watch some video from his trip here.

pictures via dailymail, Kickette, and google images

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